Monday, 24 March 2014

Should You Repair Or Replace The Double Hung Window Glass?

The old windows can really do loads of things to undermine the fact how happy you are in your home. The drafts can make the heating process difficult and expensive in the long northeast winter. The same thing is also applicable for cooling the homes in the hot summer days. Sagging or deteriorating sashes and the rotting wooden frames of the double hung windows can really make the homes look  out of date and dreary inside and less inviting outside. In this case, the double hung window repairs can be the perfect solution.

Often people think about replacing their double hung windows in case any problem arises. But actually, the original windows of your home can increase the character of any house and the sturdy materials, through which are doors are crafted with can be repaired easily. A number of people value the period craftsmanship with all the quirks like bubbled or wavy glass, unique pane sizes and designs and also the details, which are very particular to that era when the home was built. 

But choosing between the double hung glass window repair or replacement is not that easy. The situation becomes more complicated when you talk to the contractors. In most of the cases, the contractors will tell you to replace your old one with the new double hung windows. But this is not the best solution. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of repairing and replacing the double hung window, so you need to think carefully about what you really want to achieve before making the final choice.

But if you go through the statistics, repairing the double hung glass window is more common that replacing this type of windows. The main reason of this is that the homeowners are choosing to preserve the era-appropriate touches both in and outside of their homes. But in case you are facing severe problems with your old window in terms of relaxed maintenance and energy efficiency, then replacing the windows would be the best option.

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