Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tips On Repairing A Double Hung Window

A double-hung window offers the convenience of sliding the bottom sash up or the top sash down when opening the window to the outdoors. To repair double hung window sash each sash requires two balance springs to support its weight; these springs also help keep the sash open. A sash with a broken spring might be difficult to open and one side of the window sash might refuse to remain in the open position. A user can follow few steps to repair a double hung window. The user can look for the sash tilt levers at the top of the lower sash.

He can use his fingers to slide the levers toward the center of the window and tilt the top of the sash toward him until is it in a horizontal position. He shall lift up on one side of the sash to release it from the window frame. For more information please visit www.Doorwindowrepairs.com.

He can also lower the top sash until he can access the tile levers on top of the sash. He must pull the vinyl covers hiding the lower sash’s balance springs from each side of the frame. Slipping his finger beneath the opening along the bottom of the covers and carefully pulling them from the frame would be a good idea to repair double hung window spring.

He should examine the balance springs inside the frame channels. Some balance cords hook into the balance spring bases, and others have brakes that can hook into the frame channels. He can use needle-nose pliers to grab the hooks at the end of the cord and pull them from the bases. Slowly allowing the cord to retract into the spring rod in the frame is the best way to repair double hung window weights.

If his balance springs have brakes, he should note the location of the brakes in the frame channels. He should insert a flathead screwdriver into the square opening in the balance spring bases. He should look at the top of the balance springs. Depending on the manufacturer, a screw holds up the springs in the frame channel and a small rod inside the spring rests over a hook. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Should You Repair Or Replace The Double Hung Window Glass?

The old windows can really do loads of things to undermine the fact how happy you are in your home. The drafts can make the heating process difficult and expensive in the long northeast winter. The same thing is also applicable for cooling the homes in the hot summer days. Sagging or deteriorating sashes and the rotting wooden frames of the double hung windows can really make the homes look  out of date and dreary inside and less inviting outside. In this case, the double hung window repairs can be the perfect solution.

Often people think about replacing their double hung windows in case any problem arises. But actually, the original windows of your home can increase the character of any house and the sturdy materials, through which are doors are crafted with can be repaired easily. A number of people value the period craftsmanship with all the quirks like bubbled or wavy glass, unique pane sizes and designs and also the details, which are very particular to that era when the home was built. 

But choosing between the double hung glass window repair or replacement is not that easy. The situation becomes more complicated when you talk to the contractors. In most of the cases, the contractors will tell you to replace your old one with the new double hung windows. But this is not the best solution. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of repairing and replacing the double hung window, so you need to think carefully about what you really want to achieve before making the final choice.

But if you go through the statistics, repairing the double hung glass window is more common that replacing this type of windows. The main reason of this is that the homeowners are choosing to preserve the era-appropriate touches both in and outside of their homes. But in case you are facing severe problems with your old window in terms of relaxed maintenance and energy efficiency, then replacing the windows would be the best option.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

How To Repair The Double Hung Window Spring?

The double hung windows use the spiral springs in order to maintain the window sash in proper place while opening or closing the window. While the sash raises suddenly or creeps back down slowly, the spiral spring needs adjustment. Due to this pressure, the spring often breaks and therefore, it becomes very important to repair these. In order to repair double hung window spring, either you can call the experts or can do it by your own.

If you have planned to do the repair by your own, then it is important to remove the lower sash to adjust these springs. The spiral springs just need adjustments in the small increments. This thing prevents the possible damage to both the spring and the window sash as well as prevents the over adjustment of the springs during the double hung window spring repair. In this blog, I will tell you the important steps to repair this spring.

  • Unlock the lower sash of the window. Then tilt the upper sash like as you do to clean the window sash.
  • Place the point of any flathead screwdriver into the shoe clip on a side of the window frame located near the lower corner of the sash. Press the clip while lifting the corner of the sash located above the clip. Repeat the process on the other side and remove the sash completely from the window.
  • Then remove the balance cover from both sides of the window. Here you will find the spiral spring that is placed inside a square mechanism.
  • The next step of double hung window repair spring is to turn the spring a full turn clockwise in case the sash is not staying at the place where you want it to be. Then turn the spring a full turn anticlockwise in case the sash is lifting on its own. Then pull down the spring and insert it back. Apply the same process for other side.
  • Place back the balance cover and press it until it snap into the proper place. Then insert the sashes one by one.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Old Double Hung Window Repair Tips - Getting New Look To Your Windows

The double hung windows are those which slide up and down and due to the convenient nature of these windows, these are very common in older homes. The double hung wooden windows are mainly famous because of the unique and the classic look that they have but these windows are also known for being drafty and loud. Being quite old, often you can have trouble with these windows and can feel the requirement of repairing these. 

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One of the common problems of these doors is that the sashes don’t stay up because of the broken ropes. Besides, sometimes, the sashes of these windows can shut in the jambs because of the solid painting. By opting for the option of old double hung window repair, you can preserve the aesthetics of the old windows of your house while improving their functionality.

Repairing these windows is quite easy and it just needs a few tools. Let’s have a look at the process to repair these windows. You can start the process of old house double hung window repair by prying off all the thin wooden stops that can hold the inner sash in the slots on both sides of the jamb. Use any utility knife to cut all the attached ropes.

Then pry out the parting beads. If these are damaged, then replace them with the new ones. Remove the other sash after removing the parting beads by prying a little. Most of the double hang jambs come with the access door that allows the users to pull out the weights easily without the removal of any exterior or interior trim. These doors are mainly located at the height of a foot, on the interior part of the jamb at the bottom.

After the repair is complete, use a nylon rope instead of the cotton ropes to tie the weights. The cotton ropes rot easily. After tying the rope end to the weights, then replace the weights in the wall cavity. You can pay a visit to www.Doorwindowrepairs.com, if you want to have some more information regarding the old double hung window repairs

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How To Repair The Double Hung Window - Home Owners Guide For Double Hung Window Repair

The double hung window is one of the oldest forms of the windows and therefore often the users face issues to open it. If your double hung window refuses to budge or binds, then never force it. Instead of that, try to look around the sash both in and outside. Besides, in case of the double hung windows, the culprit can be the broken or jammed sash cord or a faulty spring lift. With the help of the double hung window repair procedures, you can solve these problems. In this blog, I will describe the process to repair these windows.

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Before you start repairing, prepare the work area. This thing would help in preventing the damage of the floor. Remove all the trim pieces from the side of the window opening, which maintains the lower window on the right place. Be careful while removing as there would be nothing to prevent the window from falling out. Then take the help of any sharp chisel to pry away these trim from the frame.

Then break the paint connection by running any razor knife all along the trim. This thing would reduce the damage to the trim. After removing the trim, pull out the wedges and then the frame and the window would fall out. The next thing you should do to repair double hung window is to remove the lower part of the window.

In case of the lower window, the weight ropes are mainly held in the place with a screw or small nail. Carefully remove the fastener from each side by not dropping the window and therefore pull away the rope. Then repair the frame and re-glaze the entire window.

Therefore, remove the center trip and remove the top window in order to make the necessary repairs. Removing the trim is a bigger part of repairing the double hung window. So, while you remove the trim, renew all the ropes at the same time. 

After you are done, put back each part of the window the same way you have opened them. You can get much more information about the local double hung windows repair, if you can visit www.doorwindowrepairs.com