Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How To Repair The Double Hung Window - Home Owners Guide For Double Hung Window Repair

The double hung window is one of the oldest forms of the windows and therefore often the users face issues to open it. If your double hung window refuses to budge or binds, then never force it. Instead of that, try to look around the sash both in and outside. Besides, in case of the double hung windows, the culprit can be the broken or jammed sash cord or a faulty spring lift. With the help of the double hung window repair procedures, you can solve these problems. In this blog, I will describe the process to repair these windows.

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Before you start repairing, prepare the work area. This thing would help in preventing the damage of the floor. Remove all the trim pieces from the side of the window opening, which maintains the lower window on the right place. Be careful while removing as there would be nothing to prevent the window from falling out. Then take the help of any sharp chisel to pry away these trim from the frame.

Then break the paint connection by running any razor knife all along the trim. This thing would reduce the damage to the trim. After removing the trim, pull out the wedges and then the frame and the window would fall out. The next thing you should do to repair double hung window is to remove the lower part of the window.

In case of the lower window, the weight ropes are mainly held in the place with a screw or small nail. Carefully remove the fastener from each side by not dropping the window and therefore pull away the rope. Then repair the frame and re-glaze the entire window.

Therefore, remove the center trip and remove the top window in order to make the necessary repairs. Removing the trim is a bigger part of repairing the double hung window. So, while you remove the trim, renew all the ropes at the same time. 

After you are done, put back each part of the window the same way you have opened them. You can get much more information about the local double hung windows repair, if you can visit www.doorwindowrepairs.com

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