Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Old Double Hung Window Repair Tips - Getting New Look To Your Windows

The double hung windows are those which slide up and down and due to the convenient nature of these windows, these are very common in older homes. The double hung wooden windows are mainly famous because of the unique and the classic look that they have but these windows are also known for being drafty and loud. Being quite old, often you can have trouble with these windows and can feel the requirement of repairing these. 

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One of the common problems of these doors is that the sashes don’t stay up because of the broken ropes. Besides, sometimes, the sashes of these windows can shut in the jambs because of the solid painting. By opting for the option of old double hung window repair, you can preserve the aesthetics of the old windows of your house while improving their functionality.

Repairing these windows is quite easy and it just needs a few tools. Let’s have a look at the process to repair these windows. You can start the process of old house double hung window repair by prying off all the thin wooden stops that can hold the inner sash in the slots on both sides of the jamb. Use any utility knife to cut all the attached ropes.

Then pry out the parting beads. If these are damaged, then replace them with the new ones. Remove the other sash after removing the parting beads by prying a little. Most of the double hang jambs come with the access door that allows the users to pull out the weights easily without the removal of any exterior or interior trim. These doors are mainly located at the height of a foot, on the interior part of the jamb at the bottom.

After the repair is complete, use a nylon rope instead of the cotton ropes to tie the weights. The cotton ropes rot easily. After tying the rope end to the weights, then replace the weights in the wall cavity. You can pay a visit to, if you want to have some more information regarding the old double hung window repairs